Certified production

500 customers in Russia and CIS

On the market since 1999

On the market since 1999

100 employees

100 employees

The production area of <br /> more than 5000 m2

The production area of
more than 5000 m2

Over 24 planning and design <br>office employees

Over 24 planning and design
office employees

Since 1999, the Ostrov Company has been developing and manufacturing air conditioning (A/C) systems for railway rolling stock:

  • Passenger carriages
  • Passenger compartments of electric trains
  • Driver’s cabs for electric trains and locomotives
  • Subway cars
  • Trams


Our equipment is developed and manufactured with the use of state-of-the-art components and latest technologies with strict quality control. We do our best to make Russian equipment successfully compete with engineering solutions of the world’s lead manufacturers.

Our mission is to create modern, functional and energy-efficient climate control equipment for railway rolling stock in order to ensure comfort conditions for passengers and drivers. Our air conditioners give freshness during summer heat and warmth in winter cold, and our ventilation systems ensure supply of fresh and clean air. All the manufactured equipment is designed for work in very high and low temperatures of severe Russian climate.



To design our equipment we use 3D modeling systems based on the best up-to-date engineering software. We calculate strength, durability and reliability of all the designed products with the use of programs and methods developed for aircraft, rocket and space industry.

We pay special attention to calculation of the thermodynamic and ventilation properties of our air conditioners. Necessity to ensure the equipment’s operation at ambient temperatures from minus 50 ⁰С to plus 50 ⁰С places special requirements for the selection of components and their suppliers.

The applied algorithms of equipment operation, management and control systems created on their basis are focused on achievement of the most efficient functioning of climate control systems and strict observance of customers’ requirements and current regulations.

All the newly designed samples of products and stock-produced items undergo complete cycle of testing on test benches in order to check their compliance with national and international standards, as well as the special technical requirements of customers. The capacity of our laboratory base allows us to check heat-mechanic, vibration, acoustic and electric properties, and process control algorithms.